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September 6, Wednesday

Plenary Session I

10:00-10:10 Opening Ceremony
10:10-10:30 Presentation of the Halász Medal Award
Presentation of the Csaba Horváth Memorial Award
Presentation of the Ervin sz. Kováts Award for Young Scientists
No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-01 10:30-11:00 Bezhan Chankvetadze Recent developments in liquid-phase separation of enantiomers by using polysaccharide derivatives as chiral selectors
L-02 11:00-11:30 Yada Nolvachai Computational Strategies for Stationary Phase Selection and Experimental Design in Multidimensional Gas Chromatography
L-03 11:30-12:00 Peter Schoenmakers LCLC – Unconventional interfacing in comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography
L-04 12:00-12:30 Gert Desmet On the advantages of ordered separation media
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch & Exhibition

Parallel Session I

No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-05 14:00-14:30 David McCalley Investigation of the retention of acidic solutes in hydrophilic interaction chromatography
L-06 14:30-15:00 Alberto Cavazzini Ultrafast chiral separations in liquid chromatography through superficially porous and sub-2 micron fully porous particles
L-07 15:00-15:20 István Ilisz Enantiomeric Separations by Ionexchanger-based Chiral Stationary Phases
L-08 15:20-15:40 Martina Catani Investigation Of Mass Transfer Phenomena in Zwitterionic Chiral Stationary Phases
L-09 15:40-15:55 Annamária Sepsey Rate constant determination from chromatograms using the stochastic theory of Batman peaks

Parallel Session II

No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-10 14:00-14:30 Boguslaw  Buszewski Metabolomics In vitro and In vivo Clinical Studies By Coupled Separation And Mass Spectrometry Techniques
L-11 14:30-15:00 Michael Laemmerhofer Sample Preparation Strategies by Functionalized Nanoparticles
L-12 15:00-15:20 Luisa Pasti Zeolites for pharmaceuticals removal from water
L-13 15:20-15:40 Tímea Pernyeszi Bioadsorption processes
L-14 15:40-15:55 József Simon Correlation Analysis on a series of 1D and 2D chromatograms
15:55 – 16:30 Coffee Break & Exhibition
16:30 – 18:45 Poster Session
19:00 Cultural Program
20:00 Gala Dinner

September 7, Thursday

Parallel Session III

No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-15 8:30-9:00 Gertrud Morlock Office Chromatography – an open-source based system
L-16 9:00-9:30 Irena Vovk Challenges in Chromatographic Analyses of Secondary Metabolites of Physalis alkekengi L.
L-17 9:30-9:50 Ágnes Móricz Applicability of layer chromatography based platform in drug discovery
L-18 9:50-10:10 László Lórántfy Significant Hungarian Contributions, Opportunities, and Challenges in Cannabinoid Research & Development
L-19 10:10-10:25 Chrysoula Kanakaki Innovative Screening Methods for the Determination of Non-Intentionally Added Substances in Food Contact Materials
10:25 – 11:10 Coffee Break & Exhibition

Parallel Session IV

No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-20 8:30-9:00 Gérard Hopfgartner The Application of Liquid and Supercritical Chromatography with High Resolution SWATH Mass Spectrometry for Metabolomics
L-21 9:00-9:30 Michal Holcapek Dysregulated Lipids in Kidney Cancer Determined by UHPSFC/MS, UHPLC/MS and MALDI-MS
L-22 9:30-9:50 Lilla Turiák Integrated Proteomics and Glycomics of Prostate Cancer Tissue Microarrays
L-23 9:50-10:10 Petra Steppert Quantification of Virus-like Particles by High Performance Size-exclusion Chromatography and Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
L-24 10:10-10:25 Gábor Tóth Development of Self-Packed Columns for (Phospho)Proteomics
10:25 – 11:10 Coffee Break & Exhibition

Parallel Session V

No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-25 11:10-11:40 Alois Jungbauer Fluid Dynamics Simulation and Nano Computer Tomography to Predict 3D Pore Structure, Flow Pattern and Resolution of Macro Porous Monoliths and Packed Beds
L-26 11:40-12:10 Fabrice Gritti Vacuum-Jacketed Chromatographic Columns. An Exciting Journey From Fundamentals to Applications
L-27 12:10-12:30 Ken Broeckhoven Elucidating the Contribution of Injection and Detection to Dispersion in Liquid Chromatography Using Light-induced Fluorescence Measurements
ML-1 12:30-12:45 Andreas Borowiak Feed Injection – a novel injection principle that opens new application spaces in SFC
12:50 – 14:30 Lunch & Exhibition

Parallel Session VI

No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-28 11:10-11:40 Ákos Vértes Ion Mobility Separation and Mass Spectrometry in Single Cell Analysis
L-29 11:40-12:10 Andrea Urbani Perspectives of the human proteome project in laboratory medicine
L-30 12:10-12:30 László Drahos Proteomic and phosphoproteomic analysis of the synaptosome
L-31 12:30-12:50 Balázs Bobály A generic method development approach for the analysis of monoclonal antibodies in HILIC
12:50 – 14:30 Lunch & Exhibition

Parallel Session VII

No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-32 14:30-15:00 Imre Molnár Relationship between gradient shape and critical resolution in HPLC method development
L-33 15:00-15:30 Davy Guillarme Combining chromatographic and mass spectrometric information for the analytical characterization of biopharmaceuticals
L-34 15:30-15:50 Krisztián Horváth Unbiased determination of adsorption isotherms by inverse method in liquid chromatography
L-35 15:50-16:10 Jaap de Zeeuw Using Free, High-Performance, Computer Modeling Software to Simulate Gas Chromatographic Separations
ML-2 16:10-16:35  Timothy Cross Enchancement for improved routine impurity analysis
16:35 – 17:00 Coffee Break & Exhibition

Parallel Session VIII

No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-36 14:30-15:00 Koji Otsuka The use of specific interactions in liquid-phase microscale separations
L-37 15:00-15:30 Jörg Kutter The potential of unmodified and modified thiolene-based monoliths for on-chip sample preparation and separation
L-38 15:30-15:50 Attila Gáspár Chromatographic Packings in Microchips
L-39 15:50-16:10 Jelle de Vos Development of spatial three-dimensional liquid chromatography
16:35 – 17:00 Coffee Break & Exhibition
17:00 – 19:00 Poster Session
20:00 Grill Party

September 8, Friday

Parallel Session IX

No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-40 8:30-9:00 Abhijit Tarafder Visualizing Method Conditions Experienced by Analytes in SFC – Effects of Composition and Pressure Variations
L-41 9:00-9:20 Imre Sallay Novel Application of Standard Analytical Tests in Process Scale HPLC
L-42 9:20-9:40 Nándor Lambert Characterization of stationary phases for fast liquid chromatography
L-43 9:40-9:55 Gábor Benkovics Characterization and application of single-isomer cyclodextrin derivatives
L-44 9:55-10:10 Simon Horváth Characterization of hysteretical behaviour on amylosic columns
ML-3 10:10-10:25 ArjanTimmerman TBD
10:25 – 11:10 Coffee Break & Exhibition

Parallel Session X

No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-45 8:30-9:00 Günther Bonn New Enrichment and Separation Technologies for Natural Product Research in Phyto-Pharmacy, Phyto-Cosmetics and Phyto-Nutrition
L-46 9:00-9:20 Danilo Corradini High Performance Separation Techniques for Plant Secondary Metabolites: Fundamental and Practical Aspects
L-47 9:20-9:40 Zsuzsanna Eke Solid State Urea Clathrate Formation Based Sample Preparation Method for the Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Infant Formula
L-48 9:40-9:55 Ewa Bartosiñska Quantitative Determination of Tocopherols and Tocotrienols in Human Breast Adipose Tissue with the use of RP-LC-MS/MS and RP-HPLC-FLD Methods
L-49 9:55-10:10 András Ács Emerging Role of Glycosylation: Structural Analysis of PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
10:25 – 11:10 Coffee Break & Exhibition

Plenary Session II

No. Time Speakers Title of lectures
L-50 11:10-11:40 György Marko-Varga Malignant Melanoma  A Cancer Moonshot Lund Program
L-51 11:40-12:10 Gyula Vigh In-Silico Analysis of Oligoethylene Oligoamine – Acrylic Acid-Based pI > 7 Carrier Ampholytes
L-52 12:10-12:40 Philip Marriott Innovative Method Development by Employing Multiple Sequential (3 or more) Capillary GC Columns
L-53 12:40-13:10 Pat Sandra On-line Comprehensive and Multiple heart-cutting LC for Analysis of Challenging (bio)Pharmaceutical Applications
13:10 – 13:20 Poster Award Ceremony
13:20 – 13:30 Closing Remarks
13:30 Lunch
L – lecture  
ML – manufacturers’ lecture

List of accepted posters

No. Author Title of lectures
P-01 Maria Antoniadou Investigation of a Multiplex Sampling System with the use of a Barrier Ionization Discharge Detector for Gas Chromatography
P-02 Zsófia Gór Nagy Determination of fatty acids from different cell cultures by gas chromatography
P-03 Zsanett Matók Experiments to Decrease the PAH Content of Bone Oil
P-04 Rebeka Szabó Analysis of trans fatty acids – Development and validation of a gas chromatograpic method
P-05 Benedikt Meckel-Yoneyama Noninvasive Investigation on the State of the Column During CIP
P-06 Stefanie Bäurer Characterization of Stable-Bond Reversed Phase/Weak Anion-Exchange Mixed-Mode Stationary Phases and the Benefit of Strong Acidic Co-Ligands
P-07 Róbert Kormány Renewal of an old European Pharmacopoeia method for Terazosin using modeling with mass spectrometric peak tracking
P-08 Péter Gyõrffy De gustibus non est disputandum?, but in matters of columns there is (In matters of taste there can be no disputes, but in matters of columns there is)
P-09 Anita Zempléni-Tóth UPLC-DAD and HPLC-DPPH methods for profiling the accumulation of Lysimachia flavonoids and their participation to the antioxidant capacity
P-10 Diána Lukács High-Performance Separation of Aliphatic and Aromatic Carboxylic Acids with Macrocycle-Based Anion Chromatography
P-11 Ferenc Tömösi Profiling plasma phospholipids by HILIC chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry
P-12 Róbert Berkecz Development and application of a novel comprehensive online two-dimensional liquid chromatography coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry method in lipidomics
P-13 Gábor Kecskeméti LC-MS/MS Method Development for Quantitative Analysis of Tryptophan Metabolites
P-14 Róbert Góra Utilization of Microbore Size-exclusion Chromatography for the Characterization of Macromolecules
P-15 Appelblad Patrik Combined new approaches for improved quantitative and qualitative LC-MS
P-16 David Bell Recent Advances in Microextraction – Biocompatible Solid Phase Microextraction
P-17 Jan Fischer Analysis of Minor Substances in Isoindoline Yellow Pigment P.Y. 139
P-18 Jitka Klikarová Optimization of HPLC separation of amino acids presented in mead
P-19 Ilona Matus TLC-MS: coupling thin layer chromatography with mass spectrometry – a practical approach for matrix-loaded samples
P-20 Ilona Matus Straightforward Process for the Identification and Isolation of Natural Products using Thin-Layer and Preparative Chromatography
P-21 Ilona Matus Beyond HPLC-MS: Profiling of High Molecular Weight Impurities during Drug Synthesis
P-22 Gyula Nyerges Cave air analysis with gas-chromtography mass spectrometry
P-23 Norbert Rácz Retention modeling of DryLab software in an extended design space
P-24 Simon Horváth Comparison of hysteretical behaviour on amylosic and cellulosic columns
P-25 Magdolna Békési-Gardánfalvi Identification of Natural Dyestuff in Historical and Archeological Textiles
P-26 Péter Fábián Determination of Opioids in Human Urine with LC/MS, using deuterated standard
P-27 Krisztina Temesvári Simulated Moving Bed Enantiomer Separation of a Chiral Intermediate
P-28 Eszter Riethmüller HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS/MS for the Quality Control of Plant Extracts in Dietary Supplements
P-29 Agnes Alberti Isolation and Structural Identification of Diarylheptanoids from Morus alba
P-30 Nóra Gampe Quantitative determination of isoflavonoids in Ononis spinosa L. roots and in vitro cultures by LC-ESI-MS/MS
P-31 Ádám Kecskeméti Characterization of a poly(dimethylsiloxane) microfluidic chip containing adsorbed trypsin for rapid protein digestion
P-32 Ágnes Dörnyei A Novel Structure Elucidation Strategy of Monophosphorylated Lipid A Variants Applying HPLC-MS/MS
P-33 Ivett Bacskay Overloading study on Chincona alkaloid-based chiral zwitterionic stationary phase
P-34 Anikó Kõnigné Péter Persistent Organic Pollutants in human breast milk
P-35 Viktória Poór Measuring of Endocannabinoids and Related Compounds with SFC-MS/MS in human plasma using different analgesic methods
P-36 Viktor Sándor A Novel Structure Elucidation Strategy of Non-phosphorylated Lipid A Variants Applying HPLC-MS/MS
P-37 Tímea Orosz Study of the effects of structural characteristics on the elution order of cyclic β3-amino acid enantiomers on anion exchanger-type chiral stationary phases by high-performance liquid chromatography
P-38 Attila Bajtai Application of Cinchona alkaloid-based chiral zwitterionic stationary phases  for the enantioseparation of cyclic β-aminohydroxamic acids
P-39 Gyula Lajkó Liquid chromatographic enantioseparation of limonene-based carbocyclic β3-amino acids on Quinine and Quinidine-based chiral stationary phases
P-40 Róbert Bodor Determination of Glutathione and Glutathione Disulfide in Bovine Blood Samples by Capillary Isotachophoresis in Coupled Columns
P-41 Appelblad Patrik A new alternative method for impurity profiling of Olmesartan Medoxomil using LC-MS/MS
P-42 Appelblad Patrik Verification and validation of HPLC methods from European Pharmacopoeia monographs using different HPLC base materials
P-43 Judit Mátyási The Effect of Linear Velocity on the Sensitivity of Temperature Programmed Gas Chromatographic Separation
P-44 Csanád Rédei Investigation of the Retention Behavior of Alkylbenzenes on a C18 Stationary Phase in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
P-45 Csilla Fenyvesiné Páger Separation of proteins by capillary zone electrophoresis using ionic liquids as dynamic coating and running electrolyte
P-46 Dóra Zelenyánszki, Adrienn Mester Comparison of Various Reversed Phase Stationary Phases by Flow-reversal Method
P-47 Patrik Appelblad  Straightforward tips and tricks and troubleshooting for improved HPLC performance
P-48 Szabolcs B. Tóth Examination of degradation of zearalenone (F2-toxin) and deoxynivalenol mycotoxins and degradation products with ozone-enriched medium by GC-MS technique
P-49 Dániel Krüzselyi Determination of Antioxidants of Fungi with Different DPPH Based Scavenging Assay
P-50 Lilla Makszin Electrophoretic Analyses of Perchloric Acid Soluble Serum Proteins of Patients
P-51 Tamás Marosvölgyi Fatty Acid Composition of Grape Seed Oils from South-West Hungary
P-52 Julia Jacyna Different normalization strategies in LC-MS and GC-MS based urine metabolic fingerprinting
P-53 Sándor Száraz Novel capillary flow LC HRAM MS platform for fast targeted analysis and robust profiling of complex samples
P-54 Sándor Száraz Determination of TCA Metabolites by Ion Chromatography HR/AM Mass Spectrometry
P-55 Balázs Magda Charged Derivatization and On-Line Solid Phase Extraction to Measure Extremely Low Cortisol and Cortisone Levels in Human Saliva with Liquid Chromatography – Tandem Mass Spectrometry